Solo booth by Veronika Hapchenko x Import Export at Artissima 2022

3 - 6 November 2022

In New Entries, we present the new series of works by Veronika Hapchenko, created in conversation with the genre of science fiction. The genre developed most rapidly during the Cold War and its rise to popularity was accelerated by global uncertainties and the fear of the nuclear war.


In contrast to most popular sci-fi examples, in her work, Hapchenko shifted away from conventional topics like ultra-modern machinery, biological existence and human interference in nature. Instead, the artist’s focus remains on the notion of suspended time – accentuated by the recurring motif of a blue curtain. The curtain functions similarly to a cinematic green screen, showcasing objects from the Soviet era: still life II i.e. features dishes common in the 1970s. The artist derived their shapes from a popular cook book from the time. In the canvas, images of dishes blend one into another – signalling that they are just holograms of the real objects.


Kyiv-born, Cracow-based Hapchenko (b. 1995) graduated with an MFA in Painting from the Krakow Academy of Fine Art, after first studying stage design at the National University of Cinema and Television in Kyiv, Ukraine. Embracing both painting and object making, Hapchenko’s work is concerned with cultural tropes of the former USSR – as well as with the strong ties between esoteric beliefs, politics and militarism. Looking to philosophical theses, historiography and oral history in her work, the artist traces legends and taboos surrounding revolutionary artists, political figures and the presence of occult in their artistic output.


In January 2022, Import Export held a solo show of the artist titled "FALSE DOOR". Hapchenko's work is now on view at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź as part of "Citizens of the Cosmos" exhibition curated by Anton Vidokle.