Progress isn't a straight line: solo booth by SAGG Napoli at Artissima 2022

3 - 6 November 2022

"Progress isn't a straight line" is a solo project realized as part of PRESENT FUTURE section, curated by Maurin Dietrich and Saim Demircan.


SAGG Napoli (b. 1991, Naples, Italy) is a multidisciplinary artist working within performance, video, sculpture, installation, fashion design and sound curation. While championing her signature ‘Southern Aesthetics’, SAGG Napoli devotes her research and practice to cross-examining gender politics and the geopolitical economy, along with portrayals of class and ethnicity in high and popular culture. In spring 2020 SAGG Napoli began her journey to become a professional archer and embraced the discipline in both athletic and artistic terms.

The fair booth serves as a portal into SAGG NAPOLI’s universe of practices and symbols related to archery. The walls are adorned with 16 targets from artist’s competitions in 2020-2022 – in lilac artist frames, hung one next to another, with hanging heights indicating the actual score levels and marked with personal notes from the artist. A two-toned metal relief – “Progress isn’t a straight line”– hangs majestically over the targets. In the centre of the booth proudly stand three sculptures in shapes of oversized competition medals: one in gold, one in silver and one in bronze. They are placed on a special electric blue podium.


Each medal comes with a tailored baby blue ribbon and is marked with a motto relating to self-improvement (“Don’t blame other for your lack of focus” / “If you don’t see the problem, then you are part of it” / You ain’t just your potential, also your choices”). Each medal was pierced through with three SAGG Napoli custom arrows – as part of a special performance during Artissima.